Serie A set to allow Clubs resume training sessions

The Italian Government has accepted the bid to allow Serie A Clubs resume training.

This statement was made after immense pressure from the populace towards the government.

As other sectors would also be allowed to resume proceedings in the very near future.

A statement was released in the media this morning, and it reads: “We’ll resume training for team sports from May 18, but only if the conditions of safety and security can be confirmed over the next few weeks”.

“I don’t wish to penalise or slow down the resumption of football, but I have to say we’ll see because there need to be rigid and certain protocols in place on the safety of the athletes,”.

“The FIGC (Italian football federation) presented a protocol last night and the scientific commitee considered it insufficent, so it needs adjustments”.

“Only from that moment, when the protocol is agreed, can we decide whether or not to restart football”.

“Many leagues around Europe have terminated their seasons early, but Serie A is not inclined towards suspending the season or even training. We are receiving very strong pressure to resume”.

“We realise that the world of football deserves respect and support, as it is one of the largest economic resources in the country”.

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